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Who Wants To Jump Off A Bridge With Me?

Nearly everyone of us has, at one point or another during our defiant youthful years, had a parent ask, “so, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you, too?” Well, regardless of your current age, here’s your chance to reply, “why yes, mom . . . yes I would!”

Three and a half weeks from today (Monday, June 6th), while he’s in the area for the World Domination Summit, Calgary-based buddy Matt Bailey and I are leading a group of daredevils like yourself on a leap off the highest legal bungee bridge in the United States! [only 2 hours from Salem (let’s carpool!) / 1 hour from Portland]

This is something I’ve been wanting to check off my own bucket list for quite some time now, and I can’t think of a better way to do it than with several other friends! I know, I know . . . deep down you really want to cut loose, get crazy and do it but, only fifteen seconds into reading this post, you’ve already come up with an excuse or two why you can’t.

  • It’s on a Monday? Darn- I would, but I can’t get off work.
  • Ooh, $107 is a bit much.
  • I’m scared of heights.
  • I’m too old for that craziness now.
  • Maybe later, when I have more time to think about it and plan/prepare.

While they may seem like legitimate reasons, those excuses are still . . . um, er . . . excuses. Are they similar to the “logic” that’s actually kept you from seeking out other adventures that you’ve only vicariously experienced through other people? The same self-speak that’s kept you from accomplishing other goals in life? If so, you owe it to yourself to get off your butt right now, follow the two ridiculously easy steps below to get registered and come along! I guarantee great camaraderie, an exhilarating thrill and quite possibly, a life changing experience.

Come the evening of June 6th, some of us will be sharing laughs, amazing photographs and incredible stories about doing the highest bungee jump in the country. At the same time, others of us will still be sitting on the couch [again], flipping channels on the tube [again], bored [again].

You can watch the waves, ride the waves, or make the waves . . . it’s your call.

You in? Here’s everything you need to know and do:

Date of jump: Monday, June 6th, 2011 – starting at 2pm
Total cost: $107 [incl. tax] for 1 jump. 2 jumps for $140.

Step 1 – Register and pay the $27 deposit at
(Click on the calender and make sure to find June 6th, which will be highlighted green. Click and get yourself signed up!) Note: Read FAQ and make sure you fit the requirements.

Step 2 – Email me [ powersmusic (at) hotmail (dot) com ] or comment below to let me know you registered!

That’s it- you are officially all set for the experience of a lifetime! Matt and I both thank you for joining us and look forward to seeing you there!


** Not in the Washington/Oregon area? Wherever you are, plan your own local bungee group experience! Or take a gang skydiving (oh yeah, I’m doing that with Joel Runyon and 40+ others on June 3rd, as well!). Or ziplining. Paragliding. White water rafting. If you do, keep me posted about it and I’ll help spread the word!

(photo by Esparta)


  1. When are you going SKYDIVING? Hit me up for that one and I will be outta that plane before you hit “publish post.” 🙂

  2. Hey, Mark
    I didnt see any grey haired grannies on the video!
    Or grey haired papas for that matter. Hummmm!!
    Do us seniors need EKG’s? Well, I can not imagine
    a better way to go!!Waaaheee. Couldnt find “requirements ”
    any where on page. Oh, another excuse you might not
    know about is “Well , I should lose 30 lbs. first so I dont break
    the bungee cord………” It is so tempting ….a oft time feeling
    we all encounter…. maybe ice scating first time on a date , free dancing on
    a dance floor, or new student… taking your turn to repeat the drum instructor’s beat
    in front of everybody alone —I would have rather launched off a 200 ft bridge with a rubber band!
    Will analyze this invite to demise probably, but keep em coming as I may be too young yet for this one.

  3. You’re the coolest!! What are you going to yell?
    I’m assuming that one yells while they are jumping off a bridge.
    Just curious.
    nico : D

  4. There’s a pretty popular bungee/base jump off the New River Gorge Bridge here in WV, but you can only do it once a year (legally). I’ve rappelled off a couple bridges but never done any bungee jumping.

    • Wow, rappelling sounds super fun! I need to do some looking around at where I can try that. Thanks for adding yet another must-do to my list, Seth!

  5. haha Thanks for putting the word out! More people the merrier! It’s funny that people are much more terrified of bungy jumping than sky diving. It seems like it would be scarier to jump 10-15,000 feet with a parachute stuffed into a backpack than just 200 feet harnessed into a hundreds strands of rubber bands.

    Having done both though, bungy is much more scary. And that is why I find it much more rewarding than I found sky diving. Both are great though but bungy is exhilarating.

    Hope more of you will join us!!!

    • You’re totally right, that leap out of a plane SHOULD be more terrifying! I find both to be equally scary, exhilarating and rewarding. And I get to do both again next month . . . here’s to June 3rd and 6th!

  6. Wow! That looks fun! Too bad I am not in Portland that day… I will be doing a hangliding trip at a place just south of Madison, WI this summer! I still have to pick the day, but it will be in a monthish prob late June early July! Will likely do white water rafting in August as well. If you know any kids in Wisco at the time interested send them my way!

  7. man, hope youguys had a good time. i’d love to go bungge jumping. i’ve skydived twice before. have you done this? what other extreme stuff is on your bucket list?


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