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USERS: my first short film!

As a few of you may already know, I have been exploring the world of acting over the past year. This little adventure has included:

• studies with the incredible Shelly Lipkin;

• some “extras” work (to be on a set and see how things work);

• countless self-taped audition submissions (accompanied by nearly as many roles that I wasn’t chosen for);

• loads of laughing at myself and being frustrated with myself (often both for the same reasons);

• and – GASP – recently being selected to play a role in a short film!

Based on true events caused by social media addiction, USERS (from Storybox Creative) shares an emotional gathering of several individuals who are working through devastation caused by their vices.

The cast and crew involved in this project were a treat to work with. I’m an absolute newbie and know that I have MUCH to learn, so being a part of this powerful production, at this stage, was inspiring and humbling.

Watch it right here and please let me know what you think in a comment below!

Users Short Film from Storybox Creative on Vimeo.

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