Mark Danger Powers

The reason I may not see age 35

Happy Birthday to me!
Okay, enough celebration.
On to what may keep me from blowing out too many more candles:


Apparently, there’s an enormous difference between mountain climbing and mountain hiking. One is climbing, done with highly specialized gear and relevant training.
The other is hiking, done by unequipped idiots.

Apparently, ascending Mount Hua (“Hua Shan” in Chinese) is one of the most dangerous mountain hikes out there.

Apparently, I’m a complete idiot. Because I absolutely have to do this on my next trip to China!


Check out photos of the hike here

Read more about the sacred mountain here


I have a serious fear of heights, but an even stronger desire to challenge and overcome any and all of my fears and weaknesses. Thus my need to conquer Hua. And my paragliding hobby. And my latest trip- which included scuba diving, motorbiking through chaotic Asian streets (honestly, one of my life’s true pleasures!), walking into tiger cages, pushing my way to the center of tens of thousands of protesters, and snacking on scorpion!

My bucketlist (to be posted soon!) of things to do before I die is way too long to ever complete. And every new person I meet, or new place I visit, inspires yet a few more items to be added.
I will NEVER accomplish everything on that continually growing list . . . but I’m going to live life as if I AM going to. Checking off one line after another.

Encouraging me to limit the risks I expose myself to, I’ve often heard people ask, “but don’t you want to live a long, fruitful existence?” But those same people have difficulty defining “fruitful” for me. Many of them have lived these careful, “safe” lives, keeping those could-a, would-a, should-a’s tucked away someplace where they can’t escape and take control. They live vicariously through the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel and YouTube. To each his own. It would never be right for me to judge someone else’s decisions. But I know that that “fruit” would never be filling enough to me. The way I see it, instead of watching that TV special on the Seven Wonders of the World again, buy a frickin’ plane ticket, already. Now that’s High Definition!

Life is short. I’m well aware that any one of our days and adventures could be our last. When that becomes the case for me, I am 100% confident that there’s no way I’ll go down saying, ” . . . but I wish I had . . . “

Not everyone can say that. I can’t imagine any other way.

Any other takers for Mt. Hua? Let’s start working on our Mandarin!

P.S. Thanks to Jonny Gibaud for bringing Mount Hua to my attention!