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Text Message Inspiration

I received the following text message this past weekend from a close friend, while she was off traveling across country. I instantly identified with her words and promised to save them, so that she could later read them when they were needed.

They spoke to me because I share her feeling of clarity and inspiration when in the middle of new experiences, new places and new people.


So here it is . . . for her, for myself and for anyone who can use an occasional reminder to get out of your comfort zone (whatever that may be, or mean, to you) and clear your mind.


I believe my response to her was something along the lines of, “So, this trip has already been really good for you?” To which she replied:


What could you use an occasional reminder of?

How (and where) will you leave yourself that reminder?

(hint: do it now)

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love that feeling of liberation that arises when I travel and get exposed to new people, places, perspectives and perceptions. (I was going to say “ideas” but I figured I might as well go with the ‘p’ alliteration all the way…)

    It’s a very important thing to be able to carry those learnings and transformations back into your “day to day”. I’ve often wondered how to bring “who I am when I travel” into my regular life… perhaps the solution is just to remind yourself and to ask friends to remind you.

    • Agreed, Jack. The new P‘s definitely bring about an entirely different paradigm! Thanks for reading and leaving the comment- happy travels!

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