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Overcome Uncertainty. Save $20. Get A Free CD.

I’ve mentioned fear a time or two in the past. But one thing I’ve usually shied away from [probably out of my own fears] is posting about other bloggers’ products and services. Not that it’s at all wrong for anyone to promote someone else’s work. But I just see too many sites that hyper-focus on profiting from affiliate links in order to monetize their blog. Their site becomes a neverending barrage of sales pitches from a writer who could be offering some of their own original content to the world.

I decided early on that the only way that I’ll ask for my readers’ precious time to listen to such a schpeel, is if it meets these requirements:

1. It must be a product/service that I am already familiar with and use.

2. It must be from an individual/organization that I already know and/or feel strongly in support of.

3. It must fit within the topics that my musical/artistic readership are interested in, bringing value to the community.

Today, I give you one of the few that pass that test. In regards to the requirements above, here’s why:

1. Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty, which launches tomorrow (Wednesday, September 22nd), is an extremely amazing online program that I had the opportunity to preview. I’ve checked it out through-and-through. Killer stuff!

2. I first met Sean Ogle in Bangkok, Thailand. Since his move back to Portland, he has generously given me loads of suggestions and support for my own projects. He’s location independent . . . I’m jealous.

3. Anyone and everyone can benefit immensely from the content that Sean has put together.

NOTE: There are no affiliate links involved here, whatsoever. I have absolutely nothing to gain from this post other than the satisfaction of sharing what Sean has to offer with you. And the joy of watching it be possible for him to pursue his incredible goals even further. Although, I suppose that I’ll then reap the benefit of gleaning even more inspiration from him. So yeah, I guess I am profiting a great deal . . . full disclosure here, people!


I’m all about dealing with fear. I used to be scared of unusual foods, petrified of heights and equally terrified of the water. After quite some time of working on each of these, I now eat anything, paraglide and will soon be preparing for a sprint triathlon.

‘Uncertainty’ is one of the biggest fears (actually, Sean would argue in Part 1: Chapter 1, truly the only fear) that we have. Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty is a ridiculously thorough 15,000-word guide that walks you through a process of breaking fears down into small steps. It then holds your hand as you take action on each of those small steps until you’ve emerged on the other side, stronger, less fearful and more in control of your life!

I’ve spent a few hours checking out this program and still can’t believe how much stuff he’s got in there! It’s seemingly endless. In addition to page after page that deal with topics like fear, preparing for [and implementing] change, money concerns, videos, a load of recommended resources and answering nearly every imaginable “what-if,” the website also includes a nine chapter guide to the life-changing potential of using and an eleven chapter guide to starting your own blog! Whew . . .

Catch your breathe yet? Good. Stick with me; I’m not done! On top of all that, Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty features interviews that Sean recorded with a veritable Who’s Who from the world of creative entrepreneurship. We’re talkin’ monsters! Guys (and a gal) like Chris Guillebeau, Pamela Slim (I participated in Chris & Pam’s $100 Biz Forum this May), Cody McKibben (who I also met in Bangkok), Adam Baker and more. Among other things, they cover crafting a remote work agreement and proposing it to your employer, the concept of geo-arbitrage and even long-term traveling with a family!

Not content to leave it there, Sean also packed in a pile of downloadable PDF and Excel worksheets that you can use to identify your own uncertainties, create a personal timeline and define your goals, determine action steps and review your progress (weekly, quarterly and annually).


Okay, I’m done . . . almost. I guess the title of this post did suggest that there was a $20 savings in here somewhere. And there is!

Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty launches tomorrow morning [edit: launched Wednesday, September 22nd]. Follow any one of the links on this page RIGHT NOW and then click on one of the nifty green “order now” buttons. And/or sign up for Sean’s Location 180 blog mailing list. Then (straight from the man himself), “come the morning of the 22nd you are going to get a little surprise in your inbox. Thats right, the first 20 subscribers who purchase the program will get it $20 off the list price of $47.” [edit: this promo has expired, but do still get your hands on Sean’s killer program!]

Oh yeah, the CD, too. As if all of the above weren’t enough, and since many of you reading are musicians like myself, get yourself onboard the Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty program by the end of this week (midnight on Saturday, September 25th) and I will personally send you a complimentary copy of my Ritimista world percussion play-along CD! Yep. Just register with Sean and then forward your purchase confirmation email to me here, along with your physical mailing address. I’ll drop a disc in the mail to you by the next day! [edit: this promo has also expired. Thanks to everyone that did take advantage; enjoy the CDs!]

So, there you have it. Be among the first 20 tomorrow, and you’ll score Sean’s $20-off deal AND score a copy of Ritimista (which sells for $15). That essentially brings your cost for the entire Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty program down to . . . what’s that? . . . can’t hear you . . . oh, that’s right . . . twelve dollars!!

Once you’ve registered, come back here and tell the rest of us what you think in a comment below!


  1. Thanks for such kind words Mark! I’m really hoping this thing changes some lives, I really believe it can, and will!

    • Absolutely, Sean . . . I completely agree! That’s precisely why I wanted to spread the word. I dig the program- keep up the inspiring work!

  2. Mark, your review is spot on and I couldn’t agree more. Having gone through this program myself I can say that it truly is awesome! There is so much information and the approach that Sean takes to breaking down your fears into manageable chunks and then guiding you to take actionable steps to overcome them really does work. It’s a great program for anyone who wants to step outside their comfort zone and live a little but hasn’t found a way to overcome those little voices that keep saying it’s crazy.

    • And it sounds like you’ve personally been overcoming some pretty bog stuff recently! I’ve been keeping an eye on your site, and am blown away by what you’re preparing to set out on. Taking an entire year to leave the country, with the whole family? I can’t even begin to imagine the planning, decision-making and work that goes into something like that.

      I know many people who would say that they wish they could do something similar, but would then follow that with a list of reasons why they can’t. How they’re situation is different than yours. They truly want to. But their fear is stronger than their passion.

      I really don’t feel that I am doing anything all that extraordinarily amazing with my life. But you don’t know how many times I’ve had friends say, “I live vicariously through you. I’d do what you do in an instant . . . but I’m married and have a house.” Or they have a kid. Or they’re “too old.” Or one of a gazillion other lines that I’m sick of hearing.

      Guys like Sean (and yourself) have much to offer the world. I feel that, if each of us can get just one person off their rump and, for the first time in their life, doing that one thing that they’ve always dreamed of (even if it’s as simple as taking a trip or starting a side-business), we can rest well.

      Thanks for the comment, Matt . . . we really have to connect one day!


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