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My good friend Matt Koenig, from 1YearSabbatical, apparently nominated me yesterday to take part in the 7 Links Project, which is the brainchild of Katie over at TripBase. As she describes it, the goal is to “create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.” So what do I feel might be worthy of another look? Read on . . .

My most beautiful post : The Slump

Not even close to a beautiful read, but this short, simple post was the first time I recall being more transparent than usual and writing about a rough spot I was going through. The truly beautiful part is the huge list of caring, supportive comments that I received from friends, acquaintances and strangers!

My most popular post : 17 Location Independent Entrepreneurs Define “Home”

Based on stumbles, tweets and FB shares, this one wins, for sure. This is likely due to the awesome list of travelers that contributed their thoughts to the post, and to whom I am very grateful!

My most controversial post : What Do You Listen To While Writing?

Okay, so I apparently really don’t write anything all that controversial. Hmm . . . Tim Ferriss would be disappointed that I am failing to attack any of the “3 B’s.” Perhaps I’ll consider that more in the future. However this one- a post in which people somewhat disagree- will have to suffice for now!

My most helpful post : Fly for free! Travel Hacking tip #1

This probably wouldn’t have been what I thought would have been most helpful. But after having numerous friends and readers tell me that they took a shot at this and banked some serious bonuses, I surmise that this just might be the winner here.

The post whose success most surprised me : On Trust. And Never Ever Looking Back.

Just a little observation made while bungee jumping . . . the social media and comment love was not expected!

The post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved : The Way Out

Following the aforementioned slump, loads of people stepped up and offered me valuable thoughts on digging oneself out of those low spots in life. I was am appreciative and felt they were deserving of their own post.

The post that I’m most proud of : A Lesson From The Inaudible Sound Of The Invisible Sun

. . . wherein I get schooled by legendary drummer, Rakalam Bob Moses!


Thanks a ton to Matt for the 7 Links nomination! And now, on to my list of nominees:

Ryan of Ryan Goes Abroad

Joel of the Blog of Impossible Things

Natalie of the Suitcase Entrepreneur

Lach of The Art Of Audacity

Mars of I Luv Empire

Get to it, gang!

(photo by ganesha.isis)


  1. Good for Matt in keeping you up to snuff. haha. This gives me a good chance to read 7 of your great posts. We’ll not 7 since I’ve read some. Now I need to write my bungy jump post so we can compare all the thoughts on the leap of death…er life….

    Hope you havin fun in Puerto Rico!

    • Thanks, Matt. That bungee jump day certainly WAS a blast- glad we got to meet and share it!

  2. Hey Mark! Long time no see…well, you know what I mean. I gotta get my RSS act together and start following your blog again. Anyways, I made a post today about that mentioned the New Rockstar philosophy, which I found from your post about the three must-have ebooks for all musicians…which would be one of my picks for resuscitated blog posts. I linked to that post so that all ten people who read my blog will know where I got it from…hope they come and pay you a visit.

    take care!

    • Catherine! It HAS been a while. Thanks for the mention in your post- we should definitely catch up sometime soon!

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