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Karate-chop Your Music and Your Life!

World touring keyboardist and music career consultant, Steve Nixon, recently asked me to write a guest post for his blog. He’s performed with a Who’s Who of stellar artists, including Grammy Award winners Buddy Guy and Koko Taylor! I’m honored to be able to contribute to Steve’s helpful and informative site.

And here it is . . .

CLICK HERE to read Karate-chop Your Music and Your Life! and find out how you can apply the teachings of Kenpo Karate Master James Wing Woo to your music and life . . . and drop a comment while you’re there!

Many thanks to Steve for the support and the invitation to share my writing!


  1. Hey mark! Your article speaks eloquently about mastery of movement in space. Something I studied in a younger time for self discipline in the martial arts. Now you bring it back to me when I need it to focus energy on the most important project of my life. The mural has been so encompassing and the concepts of “slow and accurate” measure our pace as we are in about 4 months in and have 8 or so to go. Slow, accurate my new meditation! Rich

    • I think it’s so cool that you find a parallel between the article and your project. I’ve always thought that this concept can apply anywhere, and you help confirm it!

      For anyone not familiar with the 8’x72′ Oshkosh Mural Rich is working on, check it out!


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