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I’m Rebranding and Need YOUR Help!

I’ve officially been blogging for a year and a half now [insert confetti and noisemakers here!] and the time has come to make some changes. I’m currently working on rebranding, and I would love your help. Scratch that- I need it! This guy has zero design-sense. I can seriously use all of the help I can get.

The Issue

In addition to the process of dealing with an entirely new look graphically (with the help of Germany’s own Mars Dorian), I am also badly in need of a tagline that succinctly explains what a visitor should expect from my site. I recently sent an email out to several friends, which included this:

My two goals to [somehow] achieve simultaneously are:

#1. Represent the “drumming performer and educator” side of myself- informing people about my gigs, group percussion programs, world travels and adventures;

and #2. Represent my “coaching” side- as I tailor the site and blog toward teaching musicians, artists and other creative-types to implement ‘lifestyle design-esque’ tools, techniques and services.

This is where I desperately need some assistance. How do I create a short tagline that successfully gets that across, while not confusing the bejeezus out of anyone?

Below are three examples that should give you a clue as to where I’ve been headed with things. They feel a bit buzzwordy to me, but I’m stuck and can’t seem to conjure up that magic phrase.

* Hit It Hard. Live The Dream.
* Music. Travel. Lifestyle Design for Creative Types.
* Music. Travel. Creative Lifestyle Design.

Your turn. Thoughts? Ideas?!

The Feedback

An enormous “thank you” to Joel Runyon, Joanna Robert, Lauren Rains, Logan Smith, Tessa Zeng, Robert Modzelewski, Matt Koenig, Jeannie Mark, Abe Cajudo, Steve Prager, Steve Schob, Tyler Tervooren, Colin Wright, Mars Dorian, Nora Dunn, Maria Brooks and Lachlan Cotter for the many thoughts and suggestions that I quickly received! Here are some of them:

• Who says you need a tagline? I don’t have one. Sean doesn’t have one. Think Traffic doesn’t have one [note: actually, they do]. If you’re having trouble coming up with one, try not having one. See what happens…just a thought.

• I definitely love “Hit It Hard. Live The Dream.” It’s fun and cool. The others are nice, but almost a little too general or seen it already. You could come up with a play on words with the saying “Marching to the beat of your own drum.” which really says a lot about how us lifestyle designers do things. It’s a little corny though, so it needs to be tweaked to sound as cool as you are 😛

• How about these off the top of my head? “Powers Percussion: Drumming adventure into the listening life.” / “Powers Percussion: Interpreting the Music and Simplifying the Adventure.” / “Powers Percussion: Simply Striking Rhythm into Life”

• “Hit it Hard. Live the Dream” captured my attention, because you’re starting to turn drumming into a metaphor that conveys your philosophy re: lifestyle design! Wonder if you can turn the second part of that into the reverse…a metaphorical way of using ‘coach-esque’ phrasing to describe your traveling musician adventures! The other two taglines tell people what you’re about, but they don’t show in the way that metaphors do, you know?

• “Educator. Coach. Adventure Drummer.” / “Tools for a creative and profitable life.” / “Live the creative life you’ve wanted.” / “Smash fear. Live the creative, profitable life you’ve dreamed of.” / “Musician. Entrepreneur. Coach. Educator. Helping you live the creative life of your dreams.” / “Hitting life hard: music, entrepreneurship, and making it happen.” / “Hitting life hard: music, entrepreneurship, and life design.”

• I think you should have this description with the details of points 1 and 2 on an “About” page as well. But in terms of a tagline here are a few I thought up that focus on your amazing teaching skilz: (notice I concentrated on drumming, percussion, rhythm): “Seeking the Rhythm of Life” / “Commonsense Advice on Finding Your Own Rhythm” / “Drumming Up Success Through Music & Travel” / “Have Drum, Will Travel” [note: which is a phrase that I have used some in the past] Personally, and this is just me, I wouldn’t use any tag line with the words “Lifestyle Design”. To me it’s just so cliché and overdone these days. Seriously, when I hit a blog that even mentions lifestyle design my defenses go up. I don’t know what it is but I just cringe when I hear it now. What does it even really mean? OK, mini-rant over. 🙂

• I like the first one. “Hit it Hard. Live the Dream.” I prefer punchy and succinct. You can always explain the rest in your About page. That’s my thinking.

• How about “Powers Percussion. Adventures in rhythm and teaching to get you ahead of the beat.” ?

• “Have Drum. Will Travel” / “The life of a creative nomad.”

• for the site: “Mark Powers – Sticking it . . . to the man.” [LOL, tied for my all-time favorite reply!]

• I would keep it simple. “Music. Travel. Life.” Or something like that. Or, you could go a different direction. Something like: “Living in the backbeat.” Or . . . “Playing to a different beat.” Those kind of elude to what you’re about as a musician trying to experiment with new ideas. They might need some tweaking, but you get the gist . . .

• I like the first one, personally. Hitting it hard is something that resonates, while also relating to drums and (subtly), sex. Win win win. [tied favorite #2!]

• I really like your first one (“Hit it hard. Live the dream.”), but it’s not entirely succinct enough and explicit enough for SEO etc. Maybe include it somewhere else on the site, and say something a little more plain but non-confusable as your tag line? Then again, maybe it’s not all about SEO . . .

• I like this one: “Music. Travel. Lifestyle Design for Creative Types.” It seems to match your goals, and represent what you’re trying to accomplish.

• “Proving that drummers are musicians too.” eh? Okay, then . . . “live the dream” is definitely a powerful hook to have in there; and something about “lifestyle design” is pretty descriptive also.

The Plea

This is where you come in. You are the ones visiting the site and reading the posts. What is my website about to you? How do you think I can embody the two points mentioned above in a short phrase or two?

Got a catchy idea? I’d love to hear about it!

With so many extremely creative friends out there, one of you has got to be sitting on that magic catchphrase right now. I’ll even buy you a drink [or four] if you come up with something I decide to use! Thank you, thank you in advance for anything and everything you shoot my way.

Leave your thoughts in a comment below and help me get over this hump and on my way to a brand spankin’ new site! Purty please . . . ?


  1. All are great ideas.

    Something funny could include flam-a-diddle.
    “Flam-a-diddle, travel a little, lifestyle design”

  2. Powers Percussion: Cultivating the rhythm of life

  3. Sara and I say leave it at “Hit it hard.” OR “Hit your Mark” “Hit your Mark; Power through” 🙂 haha OR (the kicker) “Hit that shit!” 😉 Sara says : “those arethe freebees, there’s more where that came from… There is no end to my cheese!”

    • I approve of the punnage! You two should participate in the next flavor-naming contest at Pudding on the Rice. What’s that? You don’t know about Pudding on the Rice? Google ’em. Facebook ’em. Go up to Portland and experience their deliciousness.

  4. Drummin’ up the Dream
    Drummin’ the Dream
    The Rhythm of Life
    Life in Rhythm

  5. this off top of my head. ” OhhOhh” ..says Mark…..
    I very much appreciated other contirbutions as well. Whether you like or dislike
    the contributions they act as this one to bounce off another response

  6. Rhythms In Life 2 (squared)

  7. You know how that place between asleep and awake is often a place of inspired ideas? Yeah. In my fully conscious state, I think these need serious tweaking. But I shall submit them anyway without fear of condemnation, because we are in the brainstorming stage. Right? Right.

    Bringing the world home to you, one rhythm at a time.
    The world is beating. Join the circle. (lame percussion reference)
    Work hard. Play Harder. [?] hardest. (you fill in the blank)
    Hit it hard. Play it forward.

    Powers Percussion: (mix/match from the following)
    Embark on your journey to …
    Your gateway to…
    Your guide to…
    Your window to…
    Tapping into…
    …the world’s heartbeat.
    …the world’s rhythm.
    …your life’s rhythm.
    …a world that beats to your rhythm.
    …playing the world’s rhythm, your way.
    …finding your life’s rhythm.
    …finding your rhythm in the world.

    Other random thoughts: I like puns. I like the words “nomad” and “adventure.” I like references to world rhythm/beat/heartbeat. I prefer words like “percussion” and “rhythm” to “drums/drumming” because when I hear the latter, my mind limits you to a rock drummer on a standard kit. I don’t like “lifestyle design” or “live the dream” — too salesman-shiny; one of your strengths is your ability to be real and connect with people, and I think your tagline should reflect that. Finally, the author of Bullet Point #4 is right about the power of metaphor; using language that alludes to percussion/travel/coaching will capture people’s attention on an emotional level, not just a cognitive level.

    Gah, so much to encapsulate in so few words! Best of luck. =)

  8. Been thinking about this over the weekend, and the only concrete thing I’ve come up with (aside from liking the “Hit it hard” one) is that it should have the word rhythm in it. Rhythm of the drums, rhythm of life, bringing rhythm to your soul, something like that.

    And that’s why I don’t have a tagline. Aside from “translating Geek into English since 1999.”

  9. Hey Mark,
    Banging the Drum of Life w/Mark Powers
    Bang the Drum of Life
    Bang the Drum of Life w/Mark Powers
    Making Your Beat Count in Life
    Beating Life With Your Drums
    Beating Life With My Drums

    Any of these can end with: with or by/ Mark Powers although I don’t think it will be necessary.
    Your name will be synonymous with any catchphrase you deploy.

    Keep Living it LOUD!

  10. Lots of good responses here, especially Susan’s ‘Find Your Own Rhythm.’
    My humble contribution:

    Powers Percussion: Lifestyle design for musicians.

  11. The act of reinvention, self-evolution, rebranding, and all that jazz, is beautifully freeing, so I can see why you’re excited about it and ready for some change, Mark!

    Also, the fact that you held perfect posture and form for your Elevator jump eludes to the fact, You’re ready to roll with whatever comes your way, self-induced or externally supported! Suh-weet!

  12. You are *such* an entrepreneur. A million and one options! I like g’s: Powers Percussion: Cultivating the rhythm of life… You are so incredibly talented. You know, just choose one, and we’ll jump on the ride with you!!! Love your writing!

  13. Hi Mark,
    Read all the great ideas in regard to a TagLine and WOW some impressive suggestions.
    I have just one suggestion and know it is simple but when I think of you and your quest to “Do it All” this is what comes to mind.
    “Mark Powers Hitting It Hard”
    Know whatever you decide on it will be awesome

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