Mark Danger Powers

Hey fancypants, got FancyHands?

First there were personal assistants . . .
Then along came the idea of hiring an online virtual assistant . . .

But NOW, there’s FancyHands a virtual personal assistant, at your fingertips, 24 hours a day!

I recently caught up with Ted Roden, founder of the coolest new service I’ve seen in a while. Since this site is geared toward creative-types, I wanted to share what I learned about FancyHands and how it might benefit other musicians and artists. Here’s how it went down . . .


Define FancyHands in two sentences.

Personal assistants in the cloud.
We help you get things done by actually doing them for you.

How is FH different than services such as Aardvark or ChaCha?

It’s not simply a question/answer service like these services. On Aardvark or ChaCha, you ask a question and someone finds you an answer. FancyHands helps you actually do things.

If you need us to call a colleague and schedule and appointment, we can do that. If you need us to call and make restaurant reservations, we can do that. People commonly have us find flights (though we won’t purchase them, we’ll let you know when, which airline, etc). If you need a list of the top ten widget makers for your blog post, we’ll do that.

Then how is it different from other “outsourcing” companies (ie. GetFriday)?

It’s quite similar. The big difference being the system underneath that tries to ensure that your task is routed to the person best qualified to deal with it.

Also, all of our assistants are American or British. Because of the task routing technology, most of our tasks are resolved much, much faster than on the other services.

How could passing tasks over to an FancyHands assistant benefit specifically a musician or artist, and help them get ahead in their career?

Musicians and artists should be spending their time doing the important things, like making music/art, preparing for gigs, etc. But everyday there are things that get in the way of that. There are always dozens of tasks that need to get done, but not necessarily by you personally. Sure, you need to find cheap hotels near a tour stop or gallery opening, but you don’t actually need to search for them. Fancy Hands can actually do that for you and give you the top 3 choices, allowing you to focus on the important things.

When people get started, the first thing that generally happens is that they think of a task and decide “this isn’t important enough for me to send to Fancy Hands.” I think those are the best kinds. Send us the stuff that’s on your mind, no matter how small. It’s not about how much a single task is worth, it’s about how much it’s worth NOT to do it. How much is it worth to have 15 extra minutes to stay focused on your art?

Personally, if I think about something a second time, I send it off to Fancy Hands. If I’m wasting time thinking about something a couple of times, I should either do it, or have someone else do it and move on.


Other possible uses that come to mind:
• finding ‘opening’ bands in areas you’re touring through.
• making calls to cancel private lesson students when you’re home sick.
• compiling a list of art galleries that you can submit your work to in different cities.
• comparing prices on that guitar you’ve been drooling over in your sleep.
• researching names of art or music teachers to study with overseas.


FancyHands takes 15 things off of your mind for only $30. There is absolutely no hourly fee. No signup fee. No cancellation fee. There’s nothing to lose in at least giving it a shot for a month. Well, maybe that initial thirty dollars. But I personally think that it’s incredible and that you’ll dig the heck out of it! At two bucks a task . . . I’ve been finding it MORE than worth it!

As a bonus, FH does offers a referral program to current users, gifting you two bonus tasks in exchange for bringing them a new client. Aside from that, I am not being compensated in any way, shape or form for posting about this. No affiliate link, no free service, nada. I’m paying $30 a month just like everyone else. FancyHands has just been super beneficial to me, and I wanted to pass my discovery along!

I’ve got FancyHands! Do you? Click here right now and get started!