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Guerrilla Influence Formula for Musicians

*** NOTE: As of June 2013, Guerrilla Influence Formula is NO LONGER FOR SALE. However, that does NOT mean that you shouldn’t still check out everything else that Tyler Tervooren (who you’ll be hearing about in just a second) is up to. Because you SHOULD. He’s pretty rad. Do so right here. ***

Musicians, artists, dancers, and all creative types: looking for some ways to increase the size of your fan base and get your music/art/product message out to a larger audience? My buddy Tyler Tervooren‘s full of some great ideas that I think you’ll be interested in!

Tyler and I sat down recently and chatted (video below!) about the killer new release he launched last month, called the Guerrilla Influence Formula. As a writer, guitarist and “the Professor” over at, his ability to amass a huge list of followers fast completely blows me away!

Guerrilla Influence Formula first piqued my interest because of its 1,000 new blog subscriber guarantee. But, when I started digging through, I quickly realized that musicians could use this! Indeed, the majority of the concepts and processes that Tyler lays out in GIF are universal- you can apply them to nearly any creative venture you’re seeking to promote.

The system Tyler’s put together features an extremely awesome 88-page eBook that serves as the main guide, but that’s not even close to where he stops. On top of that, he doles out Word & PDF versions of 13 workbooks to walk you through planning website content, branding, defining your audience and more. And . . . you get a collection of interviews with five of who he considers “the most compelling people on the web.” He also gives you the option of snagging six ‘Mastermind’ videos he did with a group of influence building experts, an incredibly transparent and detailed breakdown of the blueprint he used to attract over 2,000 fans in a matter of a few months!

In the video, I get to ask Tyler a few questions about the whole Guerrilla Influence Formula system and, specifically, how it can be applied by musicians and other creative entrepreneurs.

We cover . . .

– creating your “Unique Selling Proposition.”

– insight from Pantera’s lead singer.

– developing an email fan list.

– and building relationships with journalists in “big media.”

[Apologies in advance for all of the uh‘s and um‘s in the vid 🙂 ]

[If you experience any difficulty viewing the above video, watch it on YouTube by clicking here]


Ideas on how you can apply some of Tyler’s concepts?
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  1. Hey, that was a really fun interview, Mark. Thanks so much for having me. 🙂

    • Tyler- super cool that you were up for it! I had a blast, and hope that other musicians check out your helpful ideas. Catch you soon, dude!

  2. Interesting insight of mashing up your favourite ten bands to develop your own sound instead just two nowadays which lead you to nowhere. It makes perfect sense and it’s also a concept which can be applied to any artistic and business area.

    Mash up your completely different interests, dissect them, arrange them in a new way, and, boom, there’s your niche. It’s an eyeopener. It won’t work over night, it will take some time though. I think, Emilie from would like that concept.

    Concerning the “big media”: I’m also involved in building a community for communication designers in Switzerland and I have some (very loose) contacts with journalists which don’t seem to get a grip yet. Such a thing like haro is still missing in Europe, especially in the german speaking part. At least I don’t know any. But the basic concept with just having a loose chat from time to time with the media helps a lot, I suppose.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Hey, Michael! You are totally right- the “ten bands, rather than two” concept can definitely be applied anywhere.

      No HARO in Europe?! Maybe that’s a market waiting to be tapped into by brandoseven!

  3. Wow, great interview guys!

    I’m on the edge as to whether to try GIF (funds are low at the moment). Tyler backs it up with an awesome guarantee, so I can’t imagine going wrong on this one. I look forward to seeing how it works for you Mark…..before I take the plunge. 🙂

    • Thanks for checking it out, Maria- glad you like! 🙂 It is an awesome guarantee. He’s got so many cool ideas in there, I had to commit myself to giving it all a go!

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