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Creating A Plan Of Attack

Darn you, Joel Runyon. After an insanely busy week, I was so looking forward to taking a few days to kick back and do as little as humanly possible. But no . . .

You have to go and post this last week, sending me head-first into a process of analyzing what I’m doing with my life, why I’m doing it and exactly how I’m going to go about it.

34 posts into this “blogging” thing, I guess that it’s about time that I sit down and outline a plan of attack. I’ve previously written about my bucket list of things to accomplish before I die. I suppose that making that list public is a way to hold myself somewhat accountable to those goals, but does it really get things completed? No, not really. These things will start getting checked off one-by-one only with a clearly defined plan of attack, goal setting on long- and short-term levels and some seriously hard work. Inspired by Joel’s recent butt-kicking, and also his mention [this week] of Chris Guillebeau‘s planning in the early stages of his quest for world domination, I would like to officially welcome you to the “Grand Opening” of my blog here at and tell you what you can be expecting in the near (and distant) future.

The purpose of it all

I have so many different interests, and am regularly working on so many seemingly unrelated projects, that it’s difficult to explain to someone each of the pursuits that have importance to me. Being a rather visual person, I decided that the quickest and easiest way to show you what’s going on in this noggin is through the use of a Mind Map.

(click image for larger view)

Disclaimer: I whipped the above mindmap together in a matter of minutes, adding the thoughts and projects that immediately came to mind. I’m sure that items will be added, omitted and rearranged as I have time to live with it and begin working through it. I imagine that much of the content will evolve over time.

That said, the important part is that it exists. There is now a simple framework (imperfect as it may be) in place that can be used to help:
a) determine the next steps to take; and
b) gauge progress down the road.

The first step in accomplishing anything that we want to do, or creating a future we envision for ourselves, is clearly defining the “what.” What do I really want to be doing? When asked, what do I say that I’m going to do with my life? What things, experiences and people do I want in my life? Only after consciously stating the “what” can we begin to decipher the “how.”

As part of this Grand Opening, I do want to highlight just a few of the ideas that are presented in the mind map, to give you an idea of “what” I have in-store!

Kickin’ the bucket (list)

There’s simply no way to get things checked off that monstrous bucket list of mine without getting my hands a little dirty. Or perhaps “filthy” is the correct word.

In just under two months, I get to cross #3 off the list when I compete in the Muddy Buddy in Estacada, Oregon! The Muddy Buddy is a two-person, off-road, bike/run/obstacle course that concludes with a crawl through their infamous mud pit to reach the finish line. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years now, ever since reading about it in a mid-flight magazine.

I’ll keep you posted pre- and post-race, and will be making plans to conquer more of that list very soon!

Think Globally, Act Locally?
NO: Think Both, Act Both

I’m preparing to implement two ongoing charitable projects in the months ahead.


On a global scale, I will begin making audio recordings of (and occasionally, with) local musicians in the various countries I travel to. I’m currently working to create a support team of individuals and organizations that will help to fully fund each recording, provide the necessary equipment and handle the graphic/audio needs. Email me if you’re interested in joining the team!

The plan, after each trip, is to then essentially hand the CDs over to a selected organization that’s doing great work in that respective region, giving them 100% of the profits from the product’s sales, not some lousy “portion of the proceeds” mumbo jumbo. We’ll also help them generate online digital sales, by setting up accounts on iTunes, etc.

I feel that, via my avenue of music, this is one of the best ways that I can give back to the people and places that I have the fortune of experiencing around the world.

The first recording trip is already in the works! The dates have gotten pushed back a little, but sometime late fall/early winter I will be traveling to record musicians and youth choirs in Uganda, East Africa. More information about the project (which will benefit Albany, Oregon-based Show Mercy International) check out this page.


A bit more locally, by the first of year (but hopefully much sooner) I will be unveiling another website that’s very important to me personally. It’s being designed to kick others in the pants, giving one person per month a tiny bit of a financial boost for any number of purposes. Perhaps to help start (or complete) a project that they’ve been putting off. Create a work of art. Help someone else. I won’t go into any details about “Codename: TDD” just yet; only a couple close friends have even so much as heard about it. But stay tuned- I’m too excited to keep the cat in the bag much longer!

Join me: it’s as easy as one, two, three . . .

1. What do you want to do? Write your own plan of attack. Create your own mind map. And I want to hear about it . . . share with all of us in the comments below!

2. Subscribe to be notified of my future posts. If you already have, you rock!

3. Tell the world. Pass this on by word of mouth, email, Twitter, Facebook, or what-have-you. The trendy little buttons below will help you post directly to many of your favorite social media sites. And like it says, “sharing is sexy!”

Thanks a million for reading!
And Joel? Yeah . . . I guess thanks to you, too.

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