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3 FREE must-have eBooks for Musicians

This week, I wanted to pass along three fantastic [and completely FREE!] eBooks that I have found to be valuable sources for anyone pursuing a career in the music industry. Without further adieu . . .

The New Rockstar Philosophy (140 pages)
Chock-full of concrete steps you can take as an artist, The New Rockstar Philosophy is a workbook that will change the way you look at making money making music. After breaking down “The 4 Pillars” of today’s music industry, Hoover and Voyno highlight some of the interesting trends in the ‘new’ music business. Other topics covered include goal (and mini goal) setting, songwriting, band member relationships, creating an identity, building an online presence, practice pointers and much, much more! Get it here!

How To Call Attention To Your Music (71 pages)
Anything from Derek Sivers, former owner of online indie music distributor CD Baby, is guaranteed to be great! This excellent eBook is no exception. A longtime supporter of D.I.Y. musicians, Sivers challenges individuals and bands alike to think from others’ points of view, create a niche, grab people’s attention, be extreme, be persistent and NOT think like musicians. Definitely one of my faves- super useful, motivational and easy to read! Get it here!

How To Be Creative (49 pages)
Written by cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, many would hastily jump to the conclusion that this eBook is for visual artists. But dive in and you’ll quickly agree that the 26 tips found within can apply to musicians, dancers, or indeed ANYone. “Ignore everybody,” “Put the hours in,” “Keep your day job,” your “own private Mount Everest,” “If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you,” “Never compare your inside with someone else’s outside,” “Avoid the Watercooler Gang,” “Selling out is harder than it looks,” “find your own shtick.” Almost every idea is expounded on for a page or more, giving you plenty of food-for-thought that can be immediately applied to make you more creative at your craft. Get it here!

Check ’em out and let me know what you think in a comment below. If you have another that should be added to the list, pass that along, as well!

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  1. hmmmm…I tend to be skeptical of self-help books…somebody trying to make money off of somebody else’s lack of success, if you ask me…but these are free so what have I got to lose? Very cool, thanks for sharing!

    • Totally understandable, Catherine. But like you said, they are free! Just very cool ideas coming from very cool [and generous] folks. Hope you enjoy!

    • Catherine,

      I read a quote from Seth Godin, one of my favorite authors, the other day that rang true to me and your comment made me remember it:

      “Books that try to change you and fail are called ‘self help.’ Of course, the ones that try to change you and actually succeed are just called books.”

      The thing is, every author that’s ever written a book has made an attempt to give the reader a new view of the world. The ones that fail get called self-help and they deserve the title. And the ones that succeed deserve all the praise they get.

  2. Cool post! I’m not a musician at all, but still love music. My bro and I mess around with making rap beats (he does the rapping…haha), but neither of us play any instruments:-( Either way, I still plan on checking out your 3 Free must haves:-) Thanks!

    • Very cool that you two do some rapping and beat making! I definitely think there is much to gain from each of these eBooks, whether you’re a musician or not. Thanks for the comment, Kenny!


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