Mark Danger Powers

2 Keys To Writing In Your Own Voice

Today I bring you another guest post- this time one I wrote for Thought, a fantastic site that offers tons of killer content to those of us in creative careers.

CLICK HERE to read 2 Keys To Writing In Your Own Voice Writing, where I relate a lesson learned in music to other writing endeavors!

P.S. Drop a comment while you’re there- I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I’ve been a fan of ThoughtWrestling for a while myself- many thanks to Mark Dykeman for allowing me to contribute!


    • Which brings an idea to mind. Guest post exchange?

  1. Hey Mark, thanks very much for contributing such a fun article to Thoughtwrestling!!

    • Mark- thanks for swinging by! But are you kidding me? Thank you for running the post. It’s an honor to have it included on your site . . . I’m a big fan!

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